Marketing and PR

Marketing and PR

We are part of the Prima Group media house, we run the largest esports portal, cooperate with gaming teams and communities, manage social networks and specialize in media relations in the gaming sector outside the Prima Group media house. In addition to traditional advertising formats, we also offer nontraditional forms such as gaming tournaments. Thanks to our broad team and strong background, we combine communication activities to meet individual client requirements.


Our offer of communication channels



The largest esports portal in the Czech Republic and Slovakia with more than 300,000 registered users. It reaches 250,000 unique readers every month and has a social media reach of 2,500,000 users. Around 300 tournaments are held on PLAYzone.cz every year.


One of the largest Czech news servers with more than 2 500 000 registered users. It reaches 3,330,000 unique readers every month and has an average reach of 5,000,000 users on social media. On CNN Prima News, we are developing a gaming section.

TV Show RE-PLAY on Prima COOL channel

We create TV shows for the Prima COOL. RE-PLAY focuses mainly on gamers who are looking for news, reviews or interesting tips on how to make their hobby more enjoyable. 

Media Relations

We develop independent communication of gaming products and services to clients outside our channels. We have our own PR department, but we also use the background and know-how of the Solootions agency (FTV Prima agency), which employs over 20 PR specialists. In addition to PR for our projects, we have been providing media coverage of Patriot products for a long time and led the media campaign to promote the Netflix series Arcane.

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