Vodafone PLAYzone Arena

Vodafone PLAYzone Arena

Vodafone PLAYzone Arena, located in the Westfield Chodov shopping centre, is a multifunctional esports centre covering more than 1000 m2. Visitors, not only esports fans, can watch the most interesting competitions right at the bar, play on nearly 60 gaming computers or try out top gaming simulators and virtual reality. It is unique in the Czech Republic and Slovakia for its size and range of leisure activities.

Vodafone PLAYzone Arena will not only serve visitors, it also opens up marketing and event opportunities for companies to present their gaming services, projects or products. The arena has spaces designed for workshops, lectures and other presentations. Last but not least, popular gaming shows broadcast on Prima COOL or CNN Prima News are filmed here.

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Introduction of Vodafone PLAYzone Arena