Public Relations

Public Relations

We are specialists in PR services related to gaming or information technology. Our experience stems from a ten-year practice of joining with the largest domestic, but above all, foreign clients. We're not just focusing on online activities, we're also able to build awareness of your brand via offline events.

AVerMedia and EA clients

PR services in the field of game themes

We focus on public relations with game themes in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Our domain is mainly services around game titles, events and peripherals. In addition to PR specialists, we also have an experienced team of online and social marketers and copywriters, which is closely connected to all domestic media in the field of games and information technology. We are able to build a lasting relationship with your target group online in the form of turnkey articles, social channels activities, streams from your meetings and conferences, as well as offline meetings such as community meetings.

It's years of experience behind us

Since our founding in 2009, many satisfied clients have gone through our hands. For mentioning it's worth for example the Czech-Slovak branch of the publishing giant Electronic Arts, for which we have been providing online PR services and various community meetings, Taiwanese company AVerMedia, focused on streaming and recording technologies for which we are working from early 2018, or the North American manufacturer of gaming peripherals and hardware products Patriot, with which we have been in contact since 2017. In addition to these permanent companies, our services are being used by many clients in a striking manner.

PC games theme PR in CZ/SK

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