Gaming attractions

Gaming attractions

We administer technological innovations and we have a know-how in production of gaming content. Therefore we offer several activities that will invigorate your event. Our clients use us at their expos, shopping malls and business or party events. We deliver tailor made activities which are the best suit for their visitors.


These are some of the examples of our standing offer of attractions. Upon request we are prepared to introduce a tailor made proposal. 


HTC Virtual Reality

Thanks to HTC VR you will be transferred to a virtual world of new experiences. HTC Virtual Reality offers  a wide spectrum of games ranging from sports and action shooters to the adrenaline entertainment. The HTC VR includes 2 controls, a VR helmet (which can be worn even with dioptric glasses) and two motion sensors..

Racing simulator

Get closer to the feeling of a real automobile race, rally race or a Formula 1 race. Both the looks and the ergonomy are a direct replica of the modern seat from racing cars.

PC Gaming room

We will create a customized tailor made PC gaming room for you and your colleagues. We can organize a tournament for you in any game of your preference. If you are interested in improving in a certain game, we will secure presence of one of the best CZ/SK gamers in that game for you. If you want your tournament to be moderated by casters, we will provide the most appropriate ones for your game.

Samsung virtual reality

Put on the VR gear and instantly you will find yourself in the action. Thanks to the Super AMOLED display, wide field of view, precise tracing of head movement and low latency, virtual reality is very close to reality. With the ever-expanding range of games you will never be lacking an adventure, whether you are fighting the undead or travelling on a flying carpet.

Arcade games

If you are, same as we are, unable to forget all the amazing moments in fair vagons or post-revolutionary gaming rooms, arcade games are just the thing for you. On your journey back in time there will be a wide range of slot machines to choose from. And we must add, there are some of the biggest legends that have been in existence for more than 30 years among those, you will see for yourself.

Gaming console can also be a motion sensor

Challenge your colleague in one of the newest games. There is a wide range of games to choose from, from sports through action games to shooters.

For example on a console with a motion sensor you can dance or try to cut in half as much fruit as possible in popular game Crazy fruits.

If you are interested, we will be more than happy to send you our standard pricelist. However the final price depends on your particular individual demand (including transportation, necessary staff and other associated expenses).

Please contact us at herniatrakce@playzone.cz.

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